Encanto Mirabel Escape

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You went to the madrigal’s beautiful casa that day, that’s because your friend Mirabel is waiting for you there and you are going to help her with the various tasks which she will be finishing. You do this with her every few times a month and it’s definitely going to be exhausting after. As you got to the place, Casita greeted you and so did the rest of the Madrigals, now to Mirabel for you are already running late here. But as you got to her room though there seems to be a problem, for she couldn’t get herself out of there!

At first you thought Casita was playing a prank on Mirabel here again, but no though for Casita was actually helping her to get out of there! It had only been a minute since Mirabel discovered she was trapped, thankfully you are here now escape players and as Madrigal’s friend, you are definitely going to help her there. Escape players, work with Casita here and do your best to free Mirabel. Carefully as well so that this can be solved without mistakes.

Encanto Mirabel Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Encanto Mirabel Escape

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