Easy Escape - Thanksgiving Game

Easy Escape - Thanksgiving

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You've been on an eating streak since the start of the week. And today is Thanksgiving. This is another feasting day for you. Usually, you're very happy about days like this. But since you've been eating a lot already, you're feeling guilty. You don't want to abuse your body. You don't want to be rude to your relatives as well. So you come over for the celebration. You're enjoying yourself catching up with your family. This reminds you of the gathering you have when you were little. Everyone is happy to see each other and then stories about the good times in the past start. You always love to see all of them laughing and joking around. Then someone announces that it's time to eat. Your eyes widen as you forgot to find an excuse. You stand slowly and walk your way towards the door.

But your cousins rush over to you. They pull you towards the table where all the food are. You want to eat all the food you can see. Yet you know you should stay away from too much for a while. You wait for the rest of them to be busy with getting their food then you once more make your escape. Play Easy Escape - Thanksgiving room escape game by Hidden O Games.

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