Thanksgiving 2021 House Escape

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Your  riend invited you this time at their house for thanksgiving, and well because you live alone and it’s too late to go home now to where your family is, you accepted the invite. But you will be going there very early in the day though and you didn’t tell your friend that you’re going to do that. You arrived at your friend’s house and of course not empty-handed, you brought something like a thanksgiving gift for your friend just for the occasion. You went inside and was a bit confused, for nobody greeted you and it seems there was no activity in the place!

You were definitely dumbfounded there, you were very sure you picked the right house for you have been there many times. You thought then maybe the dinner was in another venue? Well nobody said that it will. Okay, maybe you’ll get out of the place for a bit and maybe give your friend a call. But when you were about to get out though, that’s where another problem made itself known. Escape players, this problem is going to really stop you, but you must not let it though and resist it. Want to see what this problem was in the house and if you can overcome it?

Thanksgiving 2021 House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Escape Games New.

Walkthrough video for Thanksgiving 2021 House Escape


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