Dungeon Room Escape Game

Dungeon Room Escape

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Dungeon Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun on this escape adventure here with us!

At the abandoned building, there is a small room underneath it and it was once used as a storage receptacle and it looked like a dark dungeon, but that was when the building was still occupied, now among the dilapidated floors of the place the only thing livable there is that said building's small room and currently, there is somebody living in that space and that was Gerald. He made the place livable for he has nowhere else to go, so he patched it up with everything he got and have lived there for free. Everything was good there until one day, the place decided it wanted rent, and that is in the form of him getting trapped in there!

Gerald just found-out that he couldn't leave and now the place is acting more like a real dungeon. Because the place had nobody else other than him living there, of course no help will be coming which means this escape is all on him. Escape players, Gerald is trapped in the room here that he patched-up! Want to join in and see if you can escape from such a place too? Go ahead and check this out then. Good luck on this escape from the dungeon-like room.

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