Escape From Dungeon House

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Ethan just escaped his dungeon room! But he is not done yet there though, he needs to escape from this town too for this place is not really keen with criminals and if they see him outside, then he’ll be severely punished and brought back to the hole. At the moment, Ethan is just hiding behind everything he can find there where he was and nobody is seeing him yet which is a good thing.

Escape players, Ethan here needs a little help so he can safely escape from this entire place, he needs to be quick too for somebody might notice that he is gone from his room. Will you give him an assist so he’ll be able to get out of this situation with haste?

Escape From Dungeon House is another new point-and-click area escape game made by Mirchigames.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From Dungeon House

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1 year ago

Here is a typical example when programmers are too lazy to do everything neatly. As a result, they plant a bug in the game.
The coin counter in the inventory is completely missing. By walkthrough one coin should be received in exchange for cheese. But in fact, it is enough to use the existing coines, and do not even touch the knife and cheese.

1 year ago

A million click game. Ugh!