Dream Space Escape Game

Dream Space Escape

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Dante just woke-up and found himself in a totally different place and he thought it was fantastic as well as magnificent. He was no longer in his room but in a planet or something somewhere in space! He felt very strange and by seeing the colors and all, makes him freeze for he was already confused when he opened his eyes because of sleep and now he seems to be not on Earth anymore. Dante doesn't know what to do and because where he was right-now seems to be uninhabited, where can he get help or ask questions what in the world is happening!

Escape players, Dante has no choice but to venture this planet and it's good he can still breath which means there is still a chance he'll be able to get himself back home. Care to join in Dante's strange adventure here potentially billions of miles from home? Go ahead then, figure-out what's going-on and it might be only then you'll be able to escape. Be ready too for who knows what creatures are here lurking behind the dark boulders.

Test your skills here on this space escape adventure. Dream Space Escape is the newest point and click out of this world escape game from Big Escape Games.

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