Hidden Owl Forest Game

Hidden Owl Forest
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The owl which had grown and taken-care of at the center just escaped into the forest! The workers there are on the search all-over the nearby forest and they really fear for when it flies beyond the borders of the country, they will have no means to get it and they don't know if the next country will mobilize their men on the search too, that's why they are in a hurry in trying to find that owl for it is quite a rare species. As one of the workers at the center, Tracey is also moving into the forest finding clues or fresh owl vomit for those are real signs that an owl currently had passed there.

It's not going to be easy now, for this particular owl often hides during the day and gets active at night, that's why they need to hurry for it could fly beyond the border and their problems will get even worst. Escape players, care to help the people here retrieve the lost owl before it gets away further from them? Go ahead then and be on alert for clues of a passing owl.

Hidden Owl Forest is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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