Dream Miracle Garden Escape Game

Dream Miracle Garden Escape

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The garden is definitely a miracle for once it is a dumping site and now after years of treatment and soil additions, the place is now a beautiful and a colorful garden which almost looks like a theme park! Such work the developers did there indeed and everything now smells good. It was the day after the yearly repairs which the garden must go through and as a person who inspects the repairs, nobody is suppose to be in the area except Roe. Every treatment and repair plan seems to have been met as he checks the place, but there was an area however that gave him a problem for it changed in appearance and as a result, he got lost!

Roe was about to leave and give his final report of approval to the higher-ups but now, he can't find his way out. How come he is not familiar with an area here in the garden? He knows every nook and cranny in the place but the area where he got lost however was somewhere he didn't recognize. Escape players, come and help Roe here escape as quickly as possible before the sun goes down, also have a fun escape adventure for yourself as well!

Dream Miracle Garden Escape is the newest point and click beautiful outdoors escape game created by WoW Escape.

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