Dog World Escape Game

Dog World Escape

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You're running a high fever since yesterday. You took some medicine but it's still not working so you're trying to sleep it out. It's always easier to fall asleep if you think of something nice and calming. You love dogs and always wanted one, but you live in a small apartment so the management bans animals. As you were thinking about moving to a bigger house with backyard and buying a dog, you slowly fell asleep. Thanks to your fever and your last thoughts before sleeping you dream about a world, full of dogs.

Dogs are everywhere. However, the strangest thing about all of it is that they're walking upright, talking and wearing human clothing. A little puppy pointed at you and suddenly, all dogs are staring at you. A dog suddenly screams. In this world, you're not supposed to be walking and wearing clothes. It's starting to get creepy. Get out and wake up!

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