Desert Lonely House Escape Game

Desert Lonely House Escape

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Your favorite celebrities are going to Middle East for a shoot. You haven't been there and it's not on your list of must-go-to. However, it seems like this is one of the bigger chance you have to see them up close. Your friend is offering you a trip to the Middle East. He just doesn't like travelling alone and since you're free, he thought you might as well accompany him. You have no problem with but you're not sure if you'll really like the place. Then you're thinking, this is all for free and you'll get the chance to see your faves. You really have nothing to lose here. So you agree to be with your friend. You'll just have to find a way to feel much better after landing there. What's important is that you're already in the same place as the celebrities.

The show is in a few days and you still have enough time to check out other places. So your friend books a desert tour. In the middle of the tour, the heat just becomes too much that you find a house to stay at until the heat subsides. You haven't had much sleep on the flight and your eyelids shut when you hit the bed. You wake up a few minutes later unable to leave the house. Play Desert Lonely House Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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