Cute Mask Escape

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There was this strange mask which old man Jack have been trying to find since the morning he woke-up, this mask is not too flashy in looks, flashy being the extravagant and big ones. This one was just normal in size and was just okay, but this thing was not at all ordinary though and Jack knows about it. Old man Jack was basically the current caretaker of it and he seriously protects it so it would not fall in the wrong hands, well that’s because this thing actually had some pretty mysterious properties!

Old man Jack however was not easy of it that day, that’s because somebody stole it and that’s why he was out trying to find it! Old man Jack was definitely shaken by this occurrence, looks like somebody knows about this thing as well. Okay then escape players, want to help old man Jack here find this mask before he comes to the conclusion that he will never see it again? Guide Jack here then or he might push himself deeper in the remote area here and he himself will be needing of a rescue.

Cute Mask Escape is a new outdoors item retrieval escape game developed by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Mask Escape

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