Pink Bird Rescue (Games 2 Live)

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It’s time to return to your hometown for you finally had a little bit too much of the toxicity of society and of course the city itself, it’s now nature’s turn to govern your body and detox. You planned to stay in your old house there for a week and you know that’s relatively short, but at least that is some time away from your current life.

Now you are currently in your 3rd day of stay there now, everything was good and you can even feel that your health is getting better. You fished in the lake, adventure to the woods, and helping the men there set traps in the land for wild animals. It was just like when you were a kid and it’s very reminiscent. Well indeed everything though, for when you went to check your trap that day for you are strongly thinking you have a catch, there was indeed one, but not a thing that you expected though. You have just captured a beautiful bird! It was different-looking and seems to be rare. When you were a kid, you used to free the animals caught by your father’s traps, and now it seems that you are going to do that again, but this time it is your trap and well as it looks the bird isn’t really worthy for eating because of its beauty. As it looks though, it seems that freeing it will be a little problematic, for the cage is somewhat jammed. Escape players, you are the one in this situation actually, will you be able to free the beautiful bird that your trap captured and safely?

Pink Bird Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Pink Bird Rescue (Games 2 Live)

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