Cursed Halloween Book Escape Game

Cursed Halloween Book Escape

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Cursed Halloween Book Escape is a brand new point and click lush but scary wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape. Have Fun!

The Halloween forest only opens-up when that day comes, it's probably hungry of humans again that's why it welcomes people when the spooks roams freely in places. One of the persons who are curious of the place was Randy, he knows that the said forest is very serene but aside from that it still holds pretty dangerous secrets and people can definitely fall into it and sometimes, to their demise! Randy knows that definitely but that did not change his decision in going in such a land. Well unfortunately that will not end-up good for him.

Randy was in awe of the forest he went into, he knows there are a lot of scary stuff in there and they're actually starting to show-up now. That got Randy rattling a bit but actually that was enough to get him lost! Escape players, looks like the place is now playing with the likes of Randy here and if he doesn't something soon, the situation will only get worst. Care to join in with him and see if you can escape out of this cursed forest on Halloween? Good luck then everyone!

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