Crow Ghost Escape Game

Crow Ghost Escape

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Crow Ghost Escape is a game in which lately your town got invaded and haunted by some ghosts. But not any kind of ghosts, these are crow ghosts which are more dangerous than the usual one. They don't just kill people, their main target are little girls, whose mind can easily be confused. This time, one of those evil crow ghosts kidnapped your little girl. The ghost deleted her memories and now she doesn't remember anything. Also, the ghost locked her inside an evil house, from where you will have to escape her. Now you have to find a way to escape the little girl, but a way to get rid of the ghost forever. Best of luck!



  1. Date: February 25, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    very dark, some of the clues are almost's a pity, because the ideas are good! [Reply]

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