Escape Fairy Series 2 Game

Escape Fairy Series 2

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Escape Fairy Series 2 is the second part of the escape game series in which as you can remember, a little fairy has been captured. She can't escape on her own because is hurt and also she is too small to be able to do anything without hurting herself even more. That's why the little fairy needs your help in order to survive and escape from the evil man who captured her. The fairy is being kept in a cage inside a cave. But entering there could be very dangerous for both of you, still you don't have a choice. Just be very careful on your way, collect any item which could be useful at a moment and find the little fairy. Once found you will need to figure out a way to escape her. Good luck and have fun!



  1. Date: February 25, 2015
    Author: SueSunday
    nice graphics, but the asked riddles are not reasoned

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