Crime House Escape

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In the modern times, crime is being solved through new methods and it’s almost impossible to get away from it now. As an investigator, Angelo is currently responding to a call of duty in some sort of building which seems to have been passed by an angry mob! But it wasn’t for this was an isolated thing. At the moment, Angelo is starting to realize what the place is which is a house actually and he found a few clues as well. As everyone was collecting evidences to find-out what really happened there, a problem occurred and now more skills will be needed to solve it now!

Angelo faced problem upon problem and he can’t really understand what’s happening, but because he was one of the in-charge personnel there, he must coordinate with the cops present to fix all of the problems that have suddenly occurred. Angelo needs to do this quickly for evidences can often disappear either deliberately or naturally. Escape players, will you solve all the corresponding problems in a place which is being investigated by an amount of law enforcers? Play as Angelo here then everyone and be ready to solve whatever things that needs to be solved there in the crime scene.

Crime House Escape is another new point and click escape game made by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.