Contemporary Fun House Game

Contemporary Fun House

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The houses far from the city are a mix of new and old designs. Some are really tall but some are stout but quite luxurious, that's why Justine is there currently for he wanted to check the place for he wishes to move there in the near future, that's because the city is not nice anymore to his upper respiratory, but as he checks the place though and roams around the area, he realized something else in the place other than the beautiful houses in the area.

Justine found-out that he is lost in the place for he never realized it to be wider than he expected! Justine came alone that day and that's why he could not get any help from anyone other than himself! Well if he finds someone there like a resident then he can get some help, but currently there seems to be nobody around and that's pretty weird. Escape players, want to help Justine here find the path back out? If he manages to escape then he'll definitely get some help as he roams around there once again.

Contemporary Fun House is a brand new point and click houses escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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