Creepy Ward Room 03 Game

Creepy Ward Room 03

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Sonny got himself into some old area where old structures were, but he escaped from such a place though and now he seems to be in an abandoned town or something! The town looks very beautiful, it had canals and pathways, the place was quite impressive. But there was a problem about that though, for the area was devoid of people. In fact there were no signs of activity recently, everything looked so long ago and abandoned for a long time. Sonny pondered to himself, where was he anyways? It's very common to ponder when one comes across such a place, for it should have been discovered already.

Sonny is starting to think that he had traveled back in time or something, but that's preposterous and he needs to be ready for anything there for the place was also weird, it brings in peculiar vibes. Escape players, want to help Sonny here once again as he roams around the place which he just came across so he can get back to normal life already?

Creepy Ward Room 03 is another new point and click area escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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