Dark Souls House Escape Game

Dark Souls House Escape

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Aside from being enchanted, the place is also very dark not just literally but in thought for the entire area was rumored to be once the abode of a very evil vampire! But that said creature is nowhere to be found now, still the place is very dangerous to go into for there are dark spirits in there which are dangerous and indeed the people who go there really gets bothered by them. Ronnie was there that day for he thought it's going to be just peachy and a walk in the park in going there, but he has another thing coming for him unfortunately.

Ronnie went into the area and he immediately saw the dark mansion where rumor has it that it's the place where the vampire resides. Ronnie felt the rush then and he wanted to go even more even though in the back of his mind he wants to go back, but he was already off. At first everything was good and Ronnie was starting to adjust to the darkness, but as expected at least from the villagers who warned him not to go, something happened and now Ronnie is in trouble! Escape players, the place is scary and Ronnie needs your help right-now, will you be able to guide him back without getting scared yourself?

Dark Souls House Escape is the newest point and click scary place escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: October 3, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    Unfortunately, "Big Escape Games" persists in proving that a game's programmer is not a profession, but a diagnosis. I don't understand what these people are trying to achieve: for players to ruin their eyes or monitors, trying in vain to increase the brightness to the maximum. Maybe I'm wrong, but personally I had to save a screenshot of their hint and use Photoshop to correct the contrast. In order not to finish on a sad note, I will tell you an anecdote on the subject. A young film director, walking together an experienced cameraman, walks through the forest and have wandered into the darkest wilderness. - Here! Here we will shoot a love scene, - the director exclaims. - Here we will develop the film, - the cameraman gloomily answers. [Reply]

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