Creepy Classroom Escape Game

Creepy Classroom Escape

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You have no problem with sleeping inside your classroom. Even if your classmates are being rowdy and the room becomes hot with the sun shining brightly, you can sleep. Your classmates want to have the same ability since even the professors can't notice you sleeping. But there's a situation when you can't just fall asleep. It's when the room is silent, dark, and with a cool temperature. This may sound like the perfect condition for most of the population to sleep. But this just won't do for you. You feel like so uncomfortable in rooms like this. So you make sure to always have someone with you in the room when you sleep. Your classmates don't know about this. Today, you slept a little longer than you had originally planned. Your classmates might have turn the alarm off so you won't be disturbed.

However, you set your alarm for a reason. You just don't want to be alone in your classroom. But what you feared is now in front of you. You try your best to move freely. Yet when you're too scared, it seems like your body parts are not connected. Add the fact that the classroom is already ready for Halloween. Play Creepy Classroom Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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