Strange Cave Game

Strange Cave

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One thing you love about Earth are the caves. You think that every cave is interesting and has something to offer. So, you see to it that you visit every cave in this city. There are so many caves that you saw in your entire life but this one is different. This is a strange cave and you've never seen anything like this before. But instead of getting afraid, this gave you excitement. Even if you don't know what lies in this cave, you still went inside. You thought that the animals and rock formations are the things which made this cave strange but it's not. The puzzles are the reason why this cave is so strange. You have to solve each puzzle before you can escape from this place. This is indeed the strangest cave but you have no choice but to solve those puzzles.

On the good note, there are clues around the cave that can help you out. Not only that, there are also items that you can pick up and use as an escape tool. Now, all you have to do is to use your logic to be successful for your escape. Play this brand new room escape game from Mirchigames and escape from the Strange Cave. Good luck!

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