Crazy Piggy Escape Game

Crazy Piggy Escape

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Pigs are allowed to roam in the land and even though sometimes they use some for festivals, they still keep the numbers of the pigs in the place intact so that they can harvest a decent amount at times without having to worry anything. That's why people who are outsiders tend to hide in the shadows there and prowl upon the pigs so that they can steal them for their gain. That's why the people who takes care of the place do their best so that none of those freeloaders could win, but somehow someone almost did for one of the protectors of the place found something and it's a good thing he came just in time.

That protector was Ethan and he saw a cage just hiding in the foliage and beside was one of the boars, Ethan approached it and what he saw then was a piglet inside that cage! So that's why the boar was beside it, for the creature wants to rescue the young one but he can't do anything significant. Okay, them people have deployed another method to capture their pigs without them even present, but thanks to the boar this problem can be solved. Escape players, Ethan is going to pry the cage open with all he has and his strength, care to help him out so that he can save the piglet?

Crazy Piggy Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by WoW Escape.

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