Scared Girl Escape

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Jeffrey’s friend is still pretty scared of the new home she moved into which was just beside Jeffrey’s place, the house was not at all silent but she had already sent someone to cleanse the place and that day, it’s going to be the first time again she will be entering the house after a week. That’s why Jeffrey went with her friend to accompany her in case she gets in-trouble there. It was pretty calm at first and even though his friend was still uneasy, she still tried her best but even then, a problem went-up and that got her in trouble!

Jeffrey was roaming around the place when suddenly, he heard his friend scream and then she ran into her room! Jeffrey went instantly to where she was and tried to find-out what’s going-on! Why did she ran into her room though and not outside of the place instead? Jeffrey was confused but because his friend was the mellow kind of girl and gets scared of everything, he will help her of course and he was glad that he came, for she still got in some trouble even though he was with her and he couldn’t imagine what could have happened if he wasn’t? Escape players, will you help Jeffrey here on the rescue as well before his friend gets into more trouble?

Scared Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.