Cowboy Horse Rescue Game

Cowboy Horse Rescue

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There was something about this place. The first time you were, you were very cautious of the horses. They were tall and powerful looking. You felt like you would be off to some far places with their kicks. So your days there just passed by with you staying as far away from the horses. But at home, you couldn't help but look back at the times you spent there. You weren't able to get close to the horses. Yet horses filled your thoughts. You called your friend who owned the place and he said some strange things were happening lately. However, as he was about to tell you about it, his voice trailed off. You dialed his number again but you couldn't connect your call anymore. It seemed like you had no other way of knowing about the situation there.

So you went there at once. You called out for your friend. But no one was answering you. And the rest of the horses disappeared except for one. This horse looked gentler and more familiar. You tried to let it out. But it was stuck. Your mind was just filled with the mysteries surrounding the place. Play Cowboy Horse Rescue outdoor escape game by Knf Games.

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