Snow Man Escape 2 Game

Snow Man Escape 2

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Mitchell had no idea he would be dealing with a snow man. Your friend Mitchell had many businesses but what he liked most was experiencing various cultures. Sometimes he would invite you to be with him. Other times he would visit places alone. This year, he went to China for one his business deals. His visit was in time for the Chinese New Year. So he wasn't only able to achieve a great deal, he was also able to experience the new year there. He made new friends and was able to adapt to their culture easily. His new found friends made him join various games which he truly enjoyed. He didn't know that you were one of the spectators of the games. You decided to just stay behind the scene to let him let go of himself. He was easily winning the games until the last challenge.

He was to free a snow man who was caged somewhere. You knew he could easily win the short games. But when it came to games like the last one, he would surely need a hand. So you discreetly followed his path and gave him subtle hints on what to do and where to go. Play Snow Man Escape 2 outdoor escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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