Wow Escape creations can be found here to be played.Wow Escape is another game hosting site and browser-based games developer which provides browser-based entertainment medium for every fans out there across the globe. Established way back in 2012, this developer has been providing virtual fun through the various situational games they can offer for bored people at all ages! Most of the point and click games that they create are more on the locked door and room side as well as rescue situations which you can interact with virtually through the tips of your mouse-pointer. This developer provides both real picture-based platforms and virtual graphic art creations. They produce more virtual graphic art-based once as a majority of their posts however. Few of the games you are welcome to try out as a sample are Wow Oasis Escape, Wow Restroom Escape, and Wow Escape in Mobile, these ones are quite interesting to try and are available here in this site. This developer provides different games for your enjoyment and is encouraging players across the globe to try out their new games everyday so, if you’d like to try out more of their daily posts, search for theirs here, available at Escape Fan! Good luck and have fun!

Meet My Buddy 1 game

Meet My Buddy 1

The frog Kero has three other friends in the forest where they all live and even though their homes are stretched far from each other across the land, they still make time to meet up to just talk about experiences, stuff like why they are the only conscious frogs there among the rest. Still they [&h ...

Archaeological Rock Place Escape game

Archaeological Rock Place Escape

The valley has a lot of secrets which haven't been discovered yet and experts knows that there are more things in there which can really set anybody for life! That day, Artemis was already in one of the secret places there which are a series of underground tunnels that nobody had completely mapped y ...

Stone Cottage House Escape game

Stone Cottage House Escape

Across the land is the way to go! Kirk is currently on a journey through the wilderness for that's his newfound life, to learn more about the world and collect stories while he was still young, he plans to do this for years until he finds a place he can finally settle in. In his […] ...

Paranormal Forest Escape game

Paranormal Forest Escape

As forbidden as the land is, people still enters the forest which has very out of this world things and in the end most of them never get out from there. Those who make it out however are the cowards and because of that they get to keep their lives unlike the arrogant ones who […] ...

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