Connecticut 2022

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Wilton just woke-up where he was sitting that day and he just remembered he was in Connecticut! Okay, guess he had been roaming around this city for far too long and he got tired, well very tired and he doesn’t know if the boat which was waiting for him at the sound was still there! Wilton immediately went for he is definitely going to be toast if he missed his boat here, that’s because he will surely take the land trip just to get back!

Come to think of it, that was some crazy sleep he had, it’s like one that he had never experience before. He was just probably tired and that’s why his sleep was pretty deep. But he’ll think about that back at the boat now, well if the boat is still there. Escape players, want to help Wilton here get to the coast while he hopes there is still time? Get him there then and as quickly as you can for he really doesn’t want to travel by land now, and two all of his stuff are back at the vessel at the moment.

Connecticut 2022 is the newest point and click city escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Connecticut 2022

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