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Classic Train Fun Escape

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The only way to reach the old town was by train, but nowadays the only way to get there is by foot for the entire place got abandoned decades ago after a huge nuclear disaster occurred just near it. For years the radiation levels have not gone down but because the area is being slowly taken-over by the forest, people can expect a little reduction on that. That's why one day Alec decided to go there to admire the remains of the place, it is safer they say and he took their word for that.

Alec was in the town's train station and what heaps of metal are left there, all of it were rusty and are just everywhere. Alec continued his adventure until he realized that it will get dark soon, he decided he won't be camping in the place for it is actually too creepy than he had expected, but it seems to be that the trains got him lost and upon realizing that he quickly increased his pace. Escape players, there is a huge chance now that Alec will potentially spend the night there, that's why he needs your help so will you and increase his probability of escape?

Classic Train Fun Escape is a brand new point and click eerie place escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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