Escape From Health Care Hospital Game

Escape From Health Care Hospital

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The hospital had just been attacked by some unknown people and as quietly as possible patients and staff are abandoning everything as they try to escape from the building. As a person who visited a friend there and is now trying to escape, Maurice is doing his best to move through the halls as slowly as possible and avoiding any people for one of them could be one those scums. Will Maurice be able to escape from the hospital safely and if possible, help other people to escape as well?

Escape players, Maurice is going to need all the help he can get and the most valuable one is from you. Will you place yourself on his shoes and carefully navigate the hospital out of there? Maurice is hoping that his friend had already escaped for he really can't go back now because the men who took over the place are heavily armed. Be ready for anything now as you traverse the long halls of the place.

Will you be able to escape as quickly as possible from a certain location here? Escape From Health Care Hospital is the newest point and click building escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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