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Christmas Star

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The holiday season is here are you can already feel the festive vibes of it. To add more of that vibes, you decided to put up your Christmas tree. After few minutes of decorating, you can see that the tree is almost complete. You are there but not quite. There is something missing in your tree and that is the Christmas Star. This tree is not complete with the Christmas Star at the top so you planned to go out and buy one. But before you can do that, you have to solve one problem and that is to unlock the door. The door won't open and because of that, you can't leave to buy a Christmas Star. Only the key can open the door so you have to find it.

Since you don't know where the key is, you have to look for clues that can help you to locate it. There are also puzzles that you might encounter along the way so you have to use your logic to be successful. You can't wait to see your amazing Christmas Tree with a Christmas Star so you have to be quick. Christmas Star is a brand new room escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun!

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