Christmas Tree Decor Escape (Sivi Games) Game

Christmas Tree Decor Escape (Sivi Games)

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Unknown to you, your grandparents have a snow house. They're keeping this from you for a long time. They're worrying that if you ever find out about this, you won't ever leave. However, now that they're getting frailer, they need your help. They're snow house is always the prettiest during this time of the year. You always receive a postcard from them not knowing that it's their house on the picture. Now you finally have the chance to see it for yourself. So you take your car and instantly head out to their place. While on the road, you receive a message from them asking you to bring some Christmas tree decors. You can't believe you'll be adding beauty to their already beautiful property. So you go to the store to get some decorations. You have a specific theme in mind and you can't wait to materialize it.

Upon arriving, you see your grandparents outside their home. You're worrying they'll catch a cold so you hurry over and let them inside the house. There they tell you about the missing decors. They inform you that the true beauty of their tree will only show after the missing decors are completed. Play Christmas Tree Decor Escape (Sivi Games) room escape game by Sivi Games.

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