The Circle 2 - Stone House Escape 44 Game

The Circle 2 - Stone House Escape 44

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When you received the mission, there was a note below. It was about being Alice in a whole different world. Nope, you wouldn't be facing the queens or having to deal with their crazy characters. However, you would be facing some crazy characters from a whole new perspective. As far as you could remember, you were only mostly tasked to look for things, complete puzzles, and wake some dead creatures. But for this mission, you had to drink something. You were not so sure if this was the last mission for you. And drinking the liquid would mean your death. There was only one way to find out though. And that was by searching for the liquid. You had no idea what it looked like though. And what if there were a number of liquids present? Which one should you take?

While thinking about all these, you found something on the ground. Then you remembered to only stick with and follow the things you found. They would all lead you to what you should do and where to explore. You shouldn't be too confident though. One small mistake could turn you into a whole different creature. Play The Circle 2 - Stone House Escape room escape game by Enagames.

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