Christmas Party House Escape Game

Christmas Party House Escape

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You and your friends are busy decorating the house. Some are in charge of the tree. The others with the staircase. And the remaining ones for the window. You're with the tree group. Your friend owns a very tall tree and it takes a very long time for you to finish decorating. And it's also because you take chat breaks and snack breaks every once in a while. It's much more fun for you if you work on the decorations in a leisurely manner. Then decorating should be relaxing and fun and not stressful. The theme for this year's decor is white Christmas. You want to have a clean and snowy feel. And it's actually easier to put more details when you have a plain white background. You even had a mini debate about it. But thankfully your friends agreed. And you get to work on it peacefully.

You spent almost the whole day on your work. And your friends are already tired so you let them go ahead. However you need to stay for a while to clean up the materials. So it will be easier to continue tomorrow. You lost track of the time. And you didn't know that the house automatically locks down after midnight. Will you get out by playing Christmas Party House Escape room escape game by Knf Games?

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