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Escape Casino Rotunda

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You're always wondering what it's like to be on a cruise ship. When you were younger, you saw in a commercial how glamorous it is to be inside. The furniture and almost everything is glittering. And the people you saw are wearing beautiful clothes. Your hope about getting on a cruise ship is like the waves. Sometimes it goes all the way up just to come crashing down. One of your greatest obstacle is on the financial aspect. It takes a great deal of money to board one. You've tried many jobs and even take part time jobs just so you could reach the amount needed. But you always end up having to spend it for something else. So you try your luck at the casino. You've seen many people bringing out suitcases full of money in the movies. And you believe you can be one of them.

And you become one. But you're not just bringing one suitcase, you're bringing two. And because of your victory, a cruise ship invited you to play in their casino. You can't say no to that. But one unfortunate thing happens. Your passkey is missing. Is it a set up? Escape Casino Rotunda is an outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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