Christmas Magical Angel Escape Game

Christmas Magical Angel Escape

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A battle had ensued between good and evil, it was a stalemate though for both beings were pushed back from opposite directions and it was all witnessed by a person who got saved by the good being. That good one was a magical angel or some sort and it's weird, for that person who was Stan have never seen something like this. It was Christmas and Stan was around the snowy wilderness looking for something to hunt, and as he did however, some dark force attacked him! And just about when he thought it was his last day, there was this light and there was something which looked like an angel! The two fought and after that, is what had happened.

Stan was definitely astounded to what he had seen, he saw the angel get thrown by the force of their battle somewhere and because he was a curious person, he wanted to know what happened to it and maybe it might need his help. Well of course the journey won't be easy due to the snow, but Stan is determined to find-out what just happened. Escape players, Stan is going to traverse the place where he thinks that angel had landed which has some houses and maybe help it, will you join in as well and see if you can help too?

Christmas Magical Angel Escape is the newest point and click snowy rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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