Christmas Light Forest Escape Game

Christmas Light Forest Escape

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It's almost ten days til Christmas arrives and yet this famous place still has no lights. Last year, on the fifth day of December, lights were turned out and the place was glowing. You visited it and bathe in the beautiful changing lights. It made you very happy and you're hoping to experience it once more. However, December 6 passes and still no light is glowing. You can't just sit back and do nothing. There may be a lot of people like you who are waiting for it. So you go to the light forest to find out what's going on. You see some workers but they're all moving slowly. You ask them what's wrong but none of them can seem to speak. Yet you don't want to give up easily. You think of various reasons. Then although you find it silly, you ask if Santa's deer are missing.

That hits the spot. Everyone stops moving at once and just stares at the ground. You somehow wish you didn't say it so carelessly. But too late. So you apologize to them and promise to find the reindeer. You help them finish putting up the lights. Then you proceed to your mission. Play Christmas Light Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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