Rescue Little Champ 2 Game

Rescue Little Champ 2

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You work as a conservationist at a national park. And you take care of the elephants. It's quite ironic as you're the shortest in your group. And yet they give you the large animals for an assignment. You don't complain though. You really like working with any animals. And the elephants seem friendly enough. You particularly feel for the smallest elephant in the group. Although he is not made fun of, you're both still the shortest. And you believe this gives you a special bond. This elephant really likes following you. And you likewise love having him around. But there's a place where they should not be able to reach. This place is for researchers working on the history and civilization that took place in this location. It's surprising to find it here but the researchers can only tell you so much.

You decide to take a look at their progress without knowing that the little elephant is still following you. He is as curious as you but he doesn't understands warning signs like you. And he gets himself into a room where traps are. Upon hearing the metal hitting the floor, you instantly turn to look for the source. But you're not very familiar with the place yet. Play Rescue Little Champ 2 room escape game by NSR Games.

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