Rescue Santa With Christmas Gifts Game

Rescue Santa With Christmas Gifts

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You tune into North Pole network while washing the dishes one rainy night. Suddenly, a flash report appeared and it made you drop the plate you're holding. You then dramatically leaned on the counter with your mouth slightly open. Your hand slowly moved towards your mouth to cover it as tears swell up in your eyes. You wished someone will yell "cut!". But no one did and so what you heard and what you felt were real. The news flash was about Santa, tied up inside his house. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it was done in other days. But it was on a Christmas eve. And it's one of the most important days of the year. Kids all over the world are waiting for their presents and hear Santa's merry ho ho ho. Will they let this year slip?

"No!" You yelled at the top of your voice. You can sacrifice not finishing your dishes tonight. But you can't let the children be sad. So you packed your bags and looked for the nearest star parking. North Pole's quite far so the quickest way to get there is through a star. Your star lit up so bright and off you went. Rescue Santa With Christmas Gifts is an outdoor escape game by Yolk Games that may make you hit the headlines.

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