Escape From Incredible Mountain House Game

Escape From Incredible Mountain House

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It's summer and it's the perfect season for mountain climbing. You're always been proactive and you love to do stuff like this. Mount Kemerut is one of the best venues for mountain climbing. However, the management doesn't allow climbers to bring food because most of them throw their trash in the mountain so they confiscated all the chips and cookies in your bag. The average time to climb is five hours so you have t0 endure your hunger. But as you climb further, you can't help yourself to feel hungry. You really wish that there's a place in the mountain where you can eat. Then you saw and Incredible Mountain House. You felt lucky because it looks like there's tons of food served in that house.

But when you entered the house, you got it all wrong. The Incredible Mountain House is not filled with food but with puzzles. Puzzles that you need to solve in order to get out. The door will just unlock if you can solve all the puzzles. Escape From Incredible Mountain House room escape game will test your logic and escape skills. Enjoy the newest escape game made by Eight Games. Good luck and have fun!

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