Christmas Happy Room Escape

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It’s Christmas and Mrs. Claus was out and about cleaning the houses at north pole for she had already finished cooking the food, the finishing touches are all up to the helper elves but even then, she still needs one of them for cleaning the houses is not going to be easy. And so one of the helper elves was you escape players, it is an honor to help Mrs. Claus and for their code, they must help for it’s all for the greater good. And besides, the Christmas celebration there at north pole will be great and that really pays the hard work them elves did. But little did you know though that this cleaning job will be a little different.

Mrs. Claus was cleaning a house while you were cleaning another, it’s a way to finish things up quicker for there are still a lot to do before Christmas day really arrives. Soon Mrs. Claus will accompany you but there was a problem and you needed her now! Why? That’s because you are trapped in the house you are cleaning! You really needed Mrs. Claus’ help but still, you decided to do this on your own for this can’t be too difficult now can it? Escape players, you are now trapped in one of the houses here you and Mrs. Claus are cleaning, will you be able to escape though without damaging anything?

Christmas Happy Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Happy Room Escape

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