Christmas Find The Santa Bag Game

Christmas Find The Santa Bag

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After watching a drama where the witch took the biggest present from the children, you couldn’t help but wish to be a Santa to the children of an orphanage. So you spent the months before Christmas collecting gifts from your friends and buying some of your own. You wanted this Christmas to be more meaningful to you and to the kids. You had never been to an orphanage before and you felt like it would be a wonderful experience to bring and give out surprises and smiles. There was a big Santa bag you bought from a supermarket. They once used it as a prop for their Christmas decoration. They said they wouldn’t be able to make use of it this year as they were planning for a different theme. So you grabbed the opportunity to own one. You had it at a cheap price.

However, you promised that whatever that would be inside may not cost that much but they were definitely not cheap. Your friend came to visit you and saw the huge bag you had prepared. He liked playing pranks on you since grade school days and he couldn’t stop himself from playing a trick on you once more. Play Christmas Find The Santa Bag room escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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