Just Open The Door Escape Game

Just Open The Door Escape

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When your friend told you he had a surprise prepared for you, you didn’t think it would be at this scale. He invited you to a place you had never been to before. He said he wanted to bring you here ever since he went home from his vacation. However, he immediately became busy with his business that this plan had been pushed back. He felt like he shouldn’t miss any opportunities anymore. So he went to your house to pick you up and bring you to the location. It was a lovely house. The kind of house that you wanted to stay in for a short vacation. Your friend really knew the style that you wanted. Then again you wondered why he would bring you to such a place. You were about to ask him when he handed you a mission card.

You smiled as you appreciated how much he considered your love for games. So you read the contents and it was all about opening the door. It wasn’t written there what would happen if you would successfully open the door. But you knew you’d only know about it if you finish the mission in your hands. Play Just Open The Door Escape outdoor escape game released by Genie Fun Games. Have Fun!

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