Can You Escape The House 20 Game

Can You Escape The House 20

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You programmed your house to only open its doors when you insert the master key. That was why your master key always hang on the side of the door in your room. It was placed where you could easily see it and access it. When your friend asked you why it wasn’t hidden, you told him it was because you lose things easily. It would be a disaster if you lose the key as you yourself wouldn’t be able to leave your own house. He laughed a little but he also knew how serious it would be. You asked him if he was planning anything that could potentially lock you up in your house. He just laughed and left. You followed him with your gaze trusting he wouldn’t do anything like that. And even if he did, you still had a duplicate key.

This key however would only hold the doors open for a few minutes. So you had to rush through the rest of the doors until you get out. You were hoping this wouldn’t happen, ever. Then again, when you woke up the next morning, you found yourself staring at an empty hook where your master key used to hang. Play Can You Escape The House 20 room escape game from 5n Games.

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