Christmas Find The Golden Shoe Game

Christmas Find The Golden Shoe

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After your trip to El Dorado last Christmas, you couldn’t help but adore the golden shoe you bought there. Gone were the days when you could just pick up some gold there and leave. The people in that place learned to trade and they were trading wisely. You were not sure if the price was worth the item but when you saw the golden shoe, you knew you just had to have it. Since you see it as one of your most prized gold possession, you couldn’t help but brag about it too. You were not the type to brag about stuffs with your words. However, you tend to let everyone see what you have acquired. You really enjoyed hearing their comments and awes. No matter how expensive the things inside your house might be, you hadn’t had any incident of someone trying to steal your stuffs.

There was just one friend of yours who knew his way around every security measures you place in your house. He didn’t like taking things from you so he could own it. He just liked hiding stuffs from you. It seemed like he enjoyed watching you make use of your logical reasoning and other skills in finding them. Play Christmas Find The Golden Shoe room escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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