Deadly Mine Escape

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When you were given the task to research about some information inside the mine, you were excited. You had never been inside a mine before and thinking that you could experience what the dwarves in Snow White experienced was just amazing. Your colleagues were looking at you with confused looks on their faces. They asked you about your excitement. And you excitedly responded that it was your dream to see real dwarves working on a mine. They weren’t sure if they should laugh or if you were serious. They decided to just respond with polite smiles. You wondered why they were being like that when your superior approached you. He said he was glad you were very enthusiastic in the job you were given. But he also shared his worries about your lack of sense of direction. You confidently told him the dwarves wouldn’t let you get stuck inside.

Your superior gave you the same polite smile your colleagues had given. However, you didn’t have time for those as you stepped inside the mine. It was as what you had expected but you didn’t see the creatures you were expecting to see. Instead, you found yourself wandering around in circle. Play Deadly Mine Escape room escape game from Games 2 Rule.