Christmas Find The Cookies Game

Christmas Find The Cookies

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Santa was just about to leave when he requested to get some cookies for him which Mrs. Claus had made and the elf who was told to was like, salute and ran. That elf was Dimitri and he knows where to get them cookies, it's just in one of the winter houses here. At first Dimitri thought finding for such cookies are going to be a piece of cake and they're like just sitting on the table, but when he realized none of the houses had some and no matter who he asked about the cookies and they would say no, that got his pace to really pick-up.

Dimitri could not find Mrs. Claus too and that adds to the problem, but he needs to keep going and quickly for Santa's requests are golden and he is just about to leave for his annual ritual of delivering gifts to the children around the world. Escape players, this is a quick retrieval adventure so you have to pick your pace up here in the winter cold.

Join Dimitri in his search for those cookies and make haste! Christmas Find The Cookies is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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