Christmas Find The Snowman (Top 10 New Games) Game

Christmas Find The Snowman (Top 10 New Games)

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Living at North pole had always been cold and it only gets warm when Christmas time comes, well in mentality at least. Libby lives in a small house there with her parents and often as she plays outside, she comes across Santa walking in the cold heading to who knows where. One night, Libby was making a snowman outside when in the distance, he saw Santa coming. Libby squinted and when he gets closer and closer, it became apparent that it was not him, it was a teenager wearing the robe of Santa and was holding a staff. He then waved that staff and turned Libby's snowman into a living thing!

Libby was confused who that teenager was but she focused mainly on the snowman however, for the thing had entered her house hiding somewhere. Libby thought that snowman was absolutely mischievous, for the way it moves gives it away that it is. Escape players, that person with a staff is gone now, but Libby is left with a problem here in her house with a snowman potentially destroying her place and her parents is not going to be happy when they get home and see this. Care to help her find that thing before it makes its move?

Join Libby here everyone and let's all find that snowman. Christmas Find The Snowman is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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