Find Baby’s Rabbit Toy For Christmas

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Terrence’s kid couldn’t sleep for he is missing this toy teddy bear rabbit of his and he wouldn’t stop whining until he finds it. Well that’s the thing though, for Terrence have been trying to find it but still he couldn’t. It could be out in the garden, but Terrence was hesitant to go out though for it’s absolutely cold outside. Well he had already turned the house and he couldn’t find it, it could really be outside and because his kid is not stopping anytime soon, he needs to get it.

Okay then, wherever that toy is if it’s ever outside it better be in a place easy to get and he would not have to dive into a few feet of snow. Escape players, Terrence needs a little help here for that toy is clearly special to his kid. Want to help him then so that this problem can be solved a lot more quicker? Go ahead then and make haste here for Terrence cannot leave his kid alone in the house for long for he is really too young.

Find Baby’s Rabbit Toy For Christmas is a new outdoors item retrieval escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Find Baby’s Rabbit Toy For Christmas

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