Christmas Castle Escape (Hidden O Games)

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It’s Christmas, and as a gift to the people, the royal family gave a small party for them near the castle and even allowed some parts of it to be open to the public! That’s kind of overboard for the country’s royals here, but that’s how they love their people and it’s the least they can do really for everyone. That day one of the castle’s visitors there was Sasha and she definitely wanted to see the inside of the castle for a long time now, today her wish will come true.

After enjoying the banquet outside, Sasha enters the castle and it was definitely grand in there. The Christmas decors are even adding to its grandness and it’s awesome. Sasha thought of how big this castle is, if this were her house then she and her family would see rarely for this place is really vast. Little did Sasha know as she ventures there, her fascination of the place is somehow leading her deeper into it and eventually she realized there was a problem. Escape players, want to see what the problem is and see if you can help her with that? It seems pretty obvious now so do your best to help her there or it will get worst for her.

Christmas Castle Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Hidden O Games.

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