Christmas Blue House Escape Game

Christmas Blue House Escape

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Your house already has Christmas decorations but you think they aren't enough. So you list the things you want to add in your home. And while doing so, you remember the people you have to give a gift to. You don't really like spending huge amounts of money for yourself. But when it comes to other people, you're willing to give out as much as you can. So you stay inside for a little more until you're sure that you didn't forget anyone. Misunderstandings are never fun and they shouldn't exist especially during Christmas season. After making sure that your list is complete, you head to the door. But then you remember your keys. You can't leave the house without your keys. Your door will have a keypad lock in a few days. So you still need your key until then. But you can't seem to find it.

So you sit back in the sofa to think hard about where you last left the key. But all there is in your mind is the closing hours of the mall and the number of things you have to buy. You stand up to just randomly check around the room hoping it'll miraculously appear. Play Christmas Blue House Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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